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February 24, 2014

“Necessary Updates for Every Home”

With the questionable housing market today, many homeowners are still waiting to sell their homes. Strong weather across the country is delaying buyers from putting in final offers on their dream homes. If you are a homeowner looking to boost your home’s monetary value, while staying competitive in the housing market, then small changes can go a long way for you.

1.Restore the purpose of your kitchen
With the new movement of hosting in your kitchen, the kitchen has never been more center of attention as it is today. By updating cabinet faces, door handles, kitchen faucets, and adding in new LED lighting, the kitchen automatically looks more updated! Restore the pleasure of cooking in an updated, more modern kitchen.

For kitchen lighting, check out VOID LED RR 4” & 6” recessed cans, VOID LED ER 4” & 6” recessed cans, and the VOID LED undercabinet series.

2.Buff up the bath
After the kitchen, the bathroom is the next important room in the house. Minimal changes, like replacing the toilet seat cover and adding a new sink, can be quick changes that draw attention to your bathroom. Consider adding easy-to-apply vinyl if your bathroom floor is faded. Check out the tub—does it need re-grouting or the replacement of missing tiles? Again, lighting is very important. Updating the lighting fixture, adding VOID LED RR 4” & 6” recessed cans, or VOID LED ER 4” & 6” recessed downlights can immediately give a facelift to your bathroom.

A fresh coat of paint throughout the house can not only brighten the rooms, but also add new design to every room in the house. Think about adding bright hues to the kitchen and bathrooms, and going more traditional in the living room and bedrooms. You can also add more character to your home by painting different colors throughout the house!

Do your carpet, wood, or stone floors need cleaning? Consider using a professional carpet cleaner for soiled carpets. Steam cleaning wood and stone can do wonders for your floors. Don’t spend money changing your flooring—the new homeowners might want a different pick. If you are just looking for remodeling your floors, then try new laminated flooring options or contact discount-flooring specialists for closeout deals.

5.Landscape makeovers
Although people do not live in their front yards, the front yard is the vision before entry. The front yard can either make people look forward to coming into your house, or make them feel wary of how well you’ve been taking care of your home. Does the dry weather in your town prevent grass from looking green? Consider alternatives, such as pebbles or imitation grass. What kind of flowers or greenery can you add that are low maintenance, yet draw eyes onto your property? For example, the Firewitch flower is a low-maintenance, bright purple flower that can add a pop of color to your front lawn. 

February 10, 2014

“Void LED at IBS 2014”

Last week was an especially exciting week for us as we displayed our products at the International Builders Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center. We had an overwhelming turnout at our booth with great reviews from attendees and exhibitors alike! We were thankful to all of our new attendees as well as our customers from last year who stopped by to say hello and check out our new series.

Some of the highlights at our booth were the new LED’s we’d just received from shipment:

·         Void LED BR 2700K series (which includes Void LED BR20, BR30, and BR40)

·         Void LED ER 2700K down light series  (Void LED ER4 and Void LED ER6)

These two new series were all the buzz with pre-orders already in place! Looking back at last week’s show, many people were impressed by the progressiveness, brightness, and color temperatures of our bulbs.  


As I mentioned to our booth visitors, the proper lighting can make all the difference in a room, bathroom, or kitchen. Choosing the right LED product will increase your referral rates between clients. Once again, thank you to all of our booth visitors—we cannot wait to see you again at IBS 2015! 

January 13, 2014

"Kitchens and the Art of Light Concealment"

When it comes to designing a kitchen, most people will choose standard tiles, cabinets, and flooring so their kitchen lasts them throughout the trends of the next fifteen to twenty years. A continuous kitchen trend has been built-in and concealed appliances. Architects and designers strive to include technical objects, such as dishwashers, into the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. This not only avoids clutter, but it also allows the eyes to focus on one primary piece, such as a beautiful 8-stove range.


For the past couple of weeks, I have seen many advertisements and articles that are meaning to help homeowners and designers choose the right kitchen lights. Some of the facts in these articles are misleading, so I thought I would help those homeowners and designers make sensible choices that they would be content with for years to come. It is a shame to see people spending fortunes on home remodeling and kitchen transformations, only to skip out on something as simple as kitchen lights.


Along with this theme of concealment and blending in, many designers incorporate concealed lighting to help modernize kitchens. Elegantly fit kitchen lights not only help light up counter spaces, but they also boost the overall aesthetic of the kitchen. Under cabinet lights have progressed from bulky fluorescent lights into slim, modular LED lights, such as VOID LED Under Cabinet Light Series. VOID LED Under Cabinet Light Series prevent unattractive gaps between lights, they are easily concealed under even the thinnest of cabinets, and there are no issues about the tape on the back peeling off. 


Cooking shows have started a cooking craze, and many people have begun to draw their guests into their kitchens as a result. The kitchen is progressing from a “cooking zone” into a family and entertaining zone. Add style, modernity, and intrigue to your kitchen by installing linear under cabinet lights.


January 6, 2014

“Winter Whites”

With the beginning of January upon us, many stores include “winter white home décor” and other shiny paraphernalia to help us brighten our homes and moods throughout winter’s longer nights and colder temperatures. If you are among the people who feel more energetic in brighter light, then swap out your warm whites, such as  VOID 6” LED downlights,  for lighter  daylight options. Notice how your energy levels change with simply changing the color of your bulbs!

(photo from www.BleuVous.com)

 I came across this timeless living room, which offers a lot of light and elegance. The only source of light seems to be coming from the chandelier, but inconspicuous LED tape lights, such as VOID Flex B series, add more shimmer and light to this living room. Notice how there are no downlights or bulbs in this space, but it is still brightly lit and welcoming to family members and guests. The slight lighting on the columns not only accent the circular moldings, but they also add depth and length. The strip light elongates the surface that it is lighting. 


January 2, 2014


Welcome to the VOID LED blog! In this blog, we will give our clients the latest tips and updates on how they can improve their homes and businesses by updating features in their spaces. We will also be catching up on cutting-edge LED trends that develop throughout the world.


We welcome you to visit our weekly blog and email us at sales@voidled.com for further questions!